Big Turning Diameter CNC Lathe Machine CK61100

Big Turning Diameter CNC Lathe Machine CK61100


Standard configuration for Big Turning Diameter CNC Lathe Machine CK61100
  1. GSK980TB3 CNC controller
  2. 630mm 3 Jaw manual chuck
  3. 4 station electric tool post
  4. auto lubrication system
  5. led lamp
  6. manual tail stock
Optional configuration
  1. Fanuc,siemens,syntec,knd,Mitsubishi
  2. Hydraulic chuck
  3. 6/8 station turret
  4. hydraulic tail stock
  5. chip converyor
  6. steady rest
  7. follow rest
  8. living turret with y axis
  9. custom logo and color available
Specification for Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machine CK61100
Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machine CK61100
Processing Max. swing over bed (mm) mm Φ1000
Max. swing dia. over cross slide(mm) Φ630
Max.processing length(mm) mm 1000/1500/2000/3000
Max.processing diameter mm Φ1000
maximum diameter of bar mm Φ630
chuck 630 3jaw or 800 4 jaw
SPINDLE The spindle terminal structure D11
Diameter of spindle bore (mm) mm Φ105
The taper of spindle front-end 1:20
Spindle speeds series Four files manually/Hydraulic four files
Spindle speeds r/min 30-84/53-150/125-350/300-835
FEED X/Z axis travel mm 350/(1000/1500/2000/3000)
X/Z axis lead screw diameter × pitch mm φ3208/φ5010
X/Z fast moving m/min 4/6
TOOL Tool post form Electric vertical
number of work position 4
:Tool specification: turning/boring mm 32/40
TAIL STOCK Sleeve diameter / stroke mm Φ100/250
Sleeve inside the hole taper MT6
Sleeve driven form manual
Tailstock body movement form Manual
MOTOR main motor Kw 11
Spindle motor torque NM 48
Motor of Z axis X Kw 1.5/2.3
X/Z Nm NM 10/15
Coolant motor power W 125
OTHE power capacity KVA 15
Bed saddle layout Flat bed
Guide form Harden guide way(> HRC50)
Machine weight kg 4300/4700/5500/6500
length × width × height mm ( 3400/3900/4400/5400 )

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    Main Feature

    Main Features of  Big Turning Diameter CNC Lathe Machine CK61100 :

    • CK61100 Heavy duty cnc lathe machine is a high-speed, high-precision and high-reliability CNC machine tool. The main components, such as the bed, bed body and bedside box, are made of high-strength materials to ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool.
    • Adopt the whole lathe bed structure, CNC Lathe machine has high position accuracy, smooth chip removal, and is suitable for high-speed and high-precision machining.
    • High-speed and high-rigidity spindle, variable-frequency spindle motor. The spindle is assembled in a constant-temperature room, and after assembly, it runs in at a constant temperature for 72 hours continuously, and after being put on the computer, it runs for 72 hours continuously to ensure the reliability of high-precision performance.
    • Choose 4-station vertical electric tool rest, with fast tool changing speed and high positioning accuracy.
    • X, Z direction feeding adopts precision ball screw, servo motor is directly connected with the screw through high torque and low inertia imported elastic coupling, and the screw support adopts pre-stretching structure, which can eliminate the transmission backlash and compensate the influence of thermal deformation on the accuracy of the machine tool in long-term operation in advance, so as to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy; Advanced centralized automatic lubrication device, regular and quantitative automatic intermittent lubrication, stable and reliable work.
    • The machine tool adopts full protection design, which is pleasant, beautiful and unique, reliable in waterproof and chip-proof, and easy to maintain.