Centerless grinding machine M1040B



1. M1040B centerless grinder bed

◆ Normalization heat treatment and natural aging treatment of high-quality castings are adopted to stabilize the internal structure and ensure firmness, wear resistance and no deformation during use.

2. M1040B centerless grinder sand and guide wheel device

◆ The machine tool adopts the fixed grinding wheel frame and the mobile layout of the guide wheel frame.

◆ The grinding wheel is cantilever structure, and the grinding wheel spindle adopts multi-piece long bearing hydrodynamic oil film bearing.

◆ The guide wheel is cantilever structure, and the main shaft of the guide wheel adopts integral 1: 30 cone sliding bearing.

3. Feeding device

◆ The feed guide rail of the guide wheel frame adopts dovetail needle guide rail, and the differential screw is used for feed.

4. Dressing device of 4.M1040B centerless grinder

◆ Sand and guide wheel dresser adopt hydraulic transmission to reciprocate, stepless speed regulation.

5.M1040B electrical control device of centerless grinder

◆ The guide wheel speed regulation adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation.

磨削直径Grindingdiameter 通磨Plunge feed 2~40(mm)
切入磨Thru-feed 5~40(mm)
磨削长度Grinding length(标配) 通磨Plunge feed 140(mm)
切入磨Thru-feed 124(mm)
砂轮规格Grinding wheel specifications PSA350×125×127
导轮规格Regulating wheel specifications PSA250×125×75
砂轮转速Grinding wheel speed 1870(r/min)
导轮转速Regulating wheel speed 20–180(r/min)
导轮回转角度Swiveling angle of regulating wheel 垂直面内垂直面内vertical -2~+4(°)
水平面内horizontal 0~+3(°)
手轮刻度进给量Min Feeding Amount of Grinding Wheel Dresser 0.002(mm)
砂轮与导轮中心连线至托架底面高度Height from centerline of gri.wheel & reg.wheel to workrest 190(mm)
机床总功率Power 9.32(kw)
机床重量Weight 2000(kg)
机床外形尺寸长×宽×高 1550×1300×1400
工作精度accuracy(标准试料) 圆度roundness 2(μm)
圆柱度cylindricity 3(μm)
粗糙度roughness 0.32(Ra)