Double Spindle slant cnc Lathe machine TCK46D


Main configuration for Double Spindle slant cnc Lathe machine TCK46D

  1. GSK988 CNC controller
  2. A2-5 spindle unit 3500rpm and 52mm(main spindle and sub spindle)
  3. 6″ hydraulic 3 jaw chuck or collet chuck(mian spindle and sub spindle)
  4. 12 hydraulic turret
  5. 7.5kw main spindle

Optional configuration for Double Spindle slant cnc Lathe machine TCK46D

  1. Fanuc or siemens ,taiwan syntec cnc controller
  2. 12 station living turret(with y axis or without)
  3. moveable sub spindle(programable type)
  4. auto feeder system

Specification for medium and heavy duty manual center lathe machine

Double spindle slant bed cnc lathe machine tck36D Frame
Specifications Units CK46D
Max.swing over bed mm 450
Max. Swing over cross slide mm 130
Max. Processing length mm 450
Lathe bed straucture 45° integral inclined lathe
Distance between cross slide and spindle axis mm 80
Spindle nose A2-5
Sub-spindle nose A2-5
Spindle speed range R/min 4000
Spindle bore mm 52
Bar capacity mm 45mm
Spindle motor kw 7.5
X axis travel mm 450
Z1 axis travel mm 500
Z2 axis travel mm 350
Turret type 12 station hydraulic turret
X/Z axis positioning accuracy mm ±0.007
X/Z axis repositioning accuracy mm ±0.003
Spindle dividing positioning accuracy mm 0.02’’(70 arc-seond)
Spindle dividing repositioning accuracy mm 0.006’’(20 arc-seond)
Machine dimension(LxWxH) mm 2500x1800x1800
Net weight Kg 4500

Product features

  1. Integral bed and base frame, high-strength cast iron casting, wide bed and foot, inclined bed arrangement, with high stability and rigidity;
  2. The guide rail adopts imported roller linear guide to ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool.
  3. The bed seat and sliding plate are made of high-strength cast iron, and the pair of guide rails adopt imported linear guides, with low dynamic and static friction, and the rapid movement can reach 20m / min in the X direction and 24 m / min in Z direction. The bed seat and skid plate have a large wingspan, which is suitable for heavy duty cutting.
  4. The spindle adopts a set of high-speed spindle unit, which can realize high-speed and high-precision machining, with C-axis indexing function, and can switch between position mode and speed mode.
  5. Diameter precision angular contact thrust ball bearings and double row cylindrical roller bearings are arranged in combination. The powerful 5KW spindle servo motor drives the spindle with 1: 3 ratio, which has excellent rigidity and high torque at low speed.
  6. The X and Z axis ball screws adopt prestressed internal circulating nut structure, and the spindle support bearings use special ball bearings for the spindle with 60 ° contact angle, which can bear loads higher axial and ensure power transmission. device. Rigidity and precision.