economic metal cnc milling machine XK7126 with ATC


Configuration for metal cnc milling machine XK7126

Standard configuration:

  1. GSK980 CNC controller
  2. 6000rpm spindle unit
  3. automatic center lubrication
  4. Cooling system
  5. Half protection cover

Optional configuration:

  1. Siemens/knd/syntec/fanuc cnc controller
  2. 8000rpm taiwan spindle unit
  3. linear guideway
  4. 16 tools /24tools ATC
  5. Tool sensor
  6. chip converyor
  7. 4th axis rotary table
Detail specification
Table sizemm650×260
T slot(size-number-pitch)14-3-80
Max.table loadkg200
X axis travel450
Y axis travelmm320
Z axis travelmm400
Distance between spindle nose and worktablemm90-520
Distance from spindle axis to column surfacemm360
X/Y/Z axis rapid traverseM/min15/15/15
Cutting feed speedMm/min1-6000
Spindle taperBT40
Max.spindle speedrpm6000
Main motor powerkw3.7
Positioning accuracymm±0.015
Repeat positioning accuracymm±0.0075
Overall dimensionmm2200×1900×2200
Machine weightkg2100