Heavy Duty CNC Turning Machine CK6180


Stand configuration
  1. GSK980TB3 CNC controller
  2. 3 Jaw manual chuck
  3. 4 station electric tool post
  4. auto lubrication system
  5. led lamp
  6. manual tail stock
Optional configuration
  1. Fanuc,siemens,syntec,knd,Mitsubishi
  2. Hydraulic chuck
  3. 6/8 station turret
  4. hydraulic tail stock
  5. chip converyor
  6. steady rest
  7. follow rest
  8. living turret with y axis
  9. custom logo and color available
Detail configuration for CNC Lathe Machine CK6180
CK6180 Series
Max. swing over bed (mm) φ800
Max. swing dia. over cross slide(mm) φ500
Width of guide way(mm) 600
Max.processing length(mm) 1500/2000/3000
Form no gears
Range of spindle speed(r/min) 25-850 rpm
The spindle terminal structure C11
Diameter of spindle bore (mm) φ105
The taper of spindle front-end (Metric)120 1:20
Power of main motor (KW) 15KW
Position accuracy(mm) ±0.007
repeated positioning accuracy(mm) ±0.006
Processing accuracy(mm) IT6-IT7
Surface roughness Ra1.6
Sleeve diameter of tailstock (mm) φ100
Sleeve travel of tailstock (mm) 250
Cone hole taper of tailstock’s sleeve MT6
Restting accuracy (mm) 0.01
Length of section of knife handle (mm) 32×32
Length*width*height (3298/3800/4800)x1660x1690
Gross weight (Kg) 4000/4500/5500kg