Inverted T-type Horizontal CNC Milling Machine HMC500/HMC630


specification for horizontal machine center HMC500 HMC630

Worktable size (mm)500*500630*630
Max loading weight on worktable (kg)600950
T slot size (Mm/ piece)
X axis maximum travel (mm)8001050
Y axis Maximum travel (mm)520750
Z axis Maximum travel (mm)700900
Distance from spindle end face to worktable center(mm)150-850130-1030
Distance from spindle center to work table(mm)130-650130-650
Spindle taper (7:24)BT 40 φ150BT 50 φ190
Range of spindle speed( r/min)80006000
Motor power(kW)1515
Rapid feeding speed: X axis m/min1820
Rapid feeding speed:Y axis m/min1812
Rapid feeding speed:Z axis m/min1520
feed speed (mm/min)1-100001-10000
Tool changer designArm type auto tool changerarm type auto tool changer
ATC content (piece)2424
Tool change time (s)2.52.5
Accuracy test standardJISB6336-4:2000/ GB/T18400.4-2010JISB6336-4:2000/ GB/T18400.4-2010
X/Y/Z axis(mm)±0.008±0.008
X/Y/Z axis Repeat positional accuracy (mm)±0.005±0.005
Size (length× width× height) (mm)4800*3600*28005300*3700*2900
Machine weight (kg)800010000

Main configuration of HMC500 horizontal machining center

Collocationspecificationsmanufacturersplace of origin
Cnc control systemKND2000MF3i/HNC808DMKND/HuazhongBeijing/Wuhan
Servo drive and motorSystem matchingKND/HuazhongBeijing/Wuhan
Three axis bearingInside diameter 40, outside diameter 72SKF/NACHISwitzerland/Japan
Three-axis ball screw (C3 grade)X/Y:FD4012; Z:FD5010NMC/TECTaiwan
Three axis guideX/Y:HGH45HA ; Z:HGH55HA;HIWIN/ROLLONTaiwan
tool changer24 arm type auto tool changerOKADA/RELIB/DEXTaiwan
belt type spindleBT40-150-8000r/minVolis/National Taiwan University/OkadaTaiwan
Booster cylinder4.5TVolisTaiwan
Outer protective coverChina
3 AXIS telescopic protectionSteel plate typeChina
pneumatic deviceAIRTACTaiwan
pressure switchSMCJapan
lubrication pumpTZ-2202-110ATaiwan
cooling pumpCBK4-30/3RocoiTaiwan
Machine tool heat exchangerHPW-10AFChina
Main electrical componentsSchneider/DelixiFrance/China
connection terminalWAGOGermany
Rotary table1 degree and 1 pointChina

Inverted T-type Horizontal CNC Milling Machine

Inverted T-type horizontal machining center GUIDEWAY

Inverted T-type horizontal machining center GUIDEWAYInverted T-type horizontal machining center GUIDEWAY

Line guideway horizontal machining center series adopts the international popular inverted T-shaped column mobile structure, with automatic tool changing device and three-axis and four-axis linkage control. Adopt well-known brand CNC system with CNC standardization.
Function, series of one-time clamping, can automatically and continuously process milling, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping and other processes on all sides, and is suitable for processing various planes, holes and surfaces with complex shapes in medium batch production.
This can save tooling, shorten production cycle, and improve processing accuracy. It is an ideal processing equipment for automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, aerospace, electronics, military and other industries.
The characteristics of the series products of the horizontal machining center of rail include the following points.
① FEM optimization design, inverted T-shaped layout, column movement, good rigidity.
② The indexing table is 1 x360, and the positioning is carried out with a ratcheted disc, which has high positioning accuracy.
③ The ample motor drives the spindle, and the output torque is large.
④ INA flat thrust radial ball bearings imported from Germany are selected, and high-precision circular grating detection is used to ensure the positioning accuracy of the numerical control turntable.
⑤ Direct-connected precision ball screw drive, using laser interferometer for gap compensation.
⑥ The AC servo motor with large inertia and wide speed regulation is directly connected with the ball screw, and the German R+W gapless coupling ensures gapless transmission and realizes a fast moving speed of 18m/min.
⑦ The machine tool guide rail adopts imported large bearing, high-speed and high-precision ball type linear rolling guide rail.
⑧ Taiwan Province’s well-known brand cam manipulator tool changer, the servo motor is used for tool magazine drive and manipulator drive, which simplifies the mechanical structure and improves the reliability of tool changer system.
Pet-name ruby intermittent centralized lubrication oil supply system, periodic quantitative oil supply to each lubricating point, using friction pairs to form and maintain a proper amount of lubricating oil film.
Attending good cost performance, according to the national standard factory precision compression 30%, is a precision machining center.
Fully enclosed electric cabinet, supplemented by air circulation design, has good dustproof, ventilation and cooling effect.
The whole machine adopts the humanized design of three-dimensional modeling, and is fully enclosed with external protective sheet metal, with beautiful and generous appearance.

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