Medium and heavy duty manual center lathe machine

Medium and heavy duty manual center lathe machine



We can product C6163,C6166,C6180,C61100,C61125 whole series manual center lathe machine.

medium type and heavy duty manual center lathe machine

Main feature for medium and heavy duty Manual Center lathe machine

1. The bed adopts a wide-width sidewall double-reinforced panel, and the inner-reinforced panel adopts a box-shaped and diagonal-reinforced composite structure. The overall rigidity is one-third higher than that of a single-wall door-shaped rib structure.
2. The control is centralized, the slide is equipped with a quick-moving mechanism, which is operated visually with a single handle; the main shaft is controlled by hydraulic pressure for the forward and reverse conversion and brake.
3. The structural rigidity and transmission rigidity of the lathe are high, the precision is stable, and powerful cutting can be carried out.
4. The sliding surface of the bed rail adopts TSF wear-resistant inlay structure, which is light and flexible in movement and has a long life; the lubrication system is a circulation outside the box, which improves the processing accuracy.
5. The spindle hole is 105mm, the tailstock is equipped with a dial and engraved line, which is intuitive to use; the overall appearance of the machine tool is beautiful, easy to wipe and maintain.

Specification for medium and heavy duty manual center lathe machine

Swing over bedMm6308001000
Swing over cross slideMm350520680
Max Workpiece lengthmm1500/2000/3000/4000/5000/6000
Spindle boremmΦ105Φ105Φ105
Taper of spindlemetric 120
taper of centerMT5MT6MT6
number of speed and speed range r/min7.5-1000187.5-1000187.5-850
Range of feed speeds 6464/6464/64
Rapid feed rate of bed saddlemm/min400040004000
lower slide maximum cross strokeMm390390390
top rest maximum strokeMm200200200
Dia.of tailstock sleeveMm100Φ100Φ100
Stroke of tailstock sleeveMm250250250
Tailstock Quill taper holeMT6MT5MT6
Main motor powerKw111115
Fast motor powerKw1.11.11.1
Wedth of the bedMm550550550
Machine sizeMm3800/4300/5300/6300/7300/8300x1400x1450
Machine weight Kg3800/4200/4900/5600/6300/7000