Mould for press machine die process mould



In cold stamping, materials are processed into parts by stamping dies mould. Stamping is a kind of pressure processing method at room temperature, which uses the die installed on the press to exert pressure on the material to make it separate or plastically deform, so as to obtain the required parts. It is quite common in industrial production. Stamping die is the technological equipment of stamping production and a technology-intensive product. The quality, production efficiency and production cost of stamping parts are directly related to the precision and quality of die design and die parts.
Carbide punch, as a component of stamping die, is also called carbide punch, which belongs to replaceable die consumables. According to different materials, shapes and uses, punches can be divided into SKD, SKH, ASP punches, guide punches, mother-child punches, tooth extraction punches, inspection tips, hexagonal punches, elliptical punches, forming punches, sector punches, special-shaped punches, high-speed steel punches and high-quality carbide punches. Guangdong is also used to calling it tungsten steel punches.
Carbide punches used in industrial stamping dies can be used to make punching rods with different shapes according to different requirements of products, and batch hole processing can be carried out. Especially in the complete production operation of progressive dies, such as the computer chassis, there are many cooling holes on it, as well as mobile phones and many electrical appliances, which are used in machinery. Ordinary drilling machines, or turning and milling machines, can only process round holes, while when punching, large punching machines can process hundreds of holes at the same time. Punch is also called punch, upper die, male die, punch pin, etc. Punch is a metal part installed on the stamping die, which is used for direct contact with the material, deformation and cutting of the material. Generally, the die punches are made of high-speed steel and tungsten steel, and there are knowledge about stamping processing methods such as high-speed steel punches and tungsten steel punches. After the die punches are assembled on the press, the dies directly contact with the materials (metal or nonmetal), so that the materials are separated or plastically deformed, thus obtaining the required parts. Stamping is a kind of pressure processing method, which uses the die punch installed on the press to exert pressure on the material at room temperature to make it separate or plastically deform, so as to obtain the required parts.20220819164030