Slant Bed CNC Lathe and Milling Center

Slant bed cnc lathe and milling center is a kind of numerical control equipment which develops rapidly and is widely used in compound machining machine tools. The model mainly produces all kinds of small parts and complex parts in large quantities, high-speed processing and diversified processing; In particular, the slender complex process can be processed and formed at one time, and the automatic feeding device can be configured to improve the work efficiency.



Slant bed CNC Lathe and milling center

Processing rangeMax diameter of swing over bed (mm)Φ450Φ580Φ650Φ1200
Maximum cutting diameter (mm)Φ400Φ550Φ630Φ1000
Maximum cutting length (mm)5207508901000
X-axis travel (mm)260300360580
FeedingZ-axis travel (mm)55075010001000
Y axis travel(mm)100100100100
X axis moving speed (mm/min)15000150001500012000
Z axis moving speed (mm/min)15000150001200012000
Y axis moving speed (mm/min)15000150001200012000
Main spindleRotational speed (rpm)35003500300080-1800
Spindle end formA2-5 or A2-6A2-6 or A2-8A2-11 or A2-8A2-11
Spindle hole
ball screwX directionQD3206-5-P3QD4008-4-P3QD4008-4-P4QD5010-4-P4
Z directionQD3206-5-P3QD4008-5-P3QD4008-5-P4QD4008-5-P4
Linear guideX directionRGH35CA-2R-640RGH45CA-2R-780RGH45CA-2R-832.5RGH45CA-2R-780
Z directionRGH35CA-2R-1040RGH45CA-2R-1620RGH45CA-2R-1835RGH55CA-2R-1920
TurretNumber of tools12 tools
Tool changing time (s)
Tool size (mm)20×2025×2525×2532×32
Boring tool diameter (mm)Φ25φ40φ40Φ50
Boring tool holder installation diameter (mm)Φ25φ40φ40Φ50
Living tools motor2.23
Hydraulic tailstockTailstock stroke (mm)5506509001000
Diameter of sleeve (mm)Φ60Φ75Φ75Φ120
Taper of apexMT-4MT-5MT-5MT-6
Sleeve stroke (mm)100120120125
Spindle motorServo motor of spindle (kw)5.5/7.57.51122
AccuracyX/Z axis positioning accuracy0.006
X/Z axis repositioning accuracy0.003
Spindle dividing positioning accuracy0.02’’(70 arc-seond)
Spindle dividing repositioning accuracy0.006’’(20 arc-seond)