30 Degree Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine TCK500

30°L type overall casting lathe bed

Max cutting diameter :500mm

Germany Taiwan Hiwin linear guideway

Taiwan ball screw

NSK Bearing

30 Degree Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine


Standard configuraiton for 30 degree slant bed cnc lathe machine TCK500

  1. KNDK2000TF1i-D /HNC-808Di/GSK988 cnc controller
  2. 11kw servo motor
  3. Taiwan 8 station hydraulic turret
  4. Taiwan hiwin linear guideway
  5. Japan NSK /THK ball screw
  6. NSK  screw Bearing

Specification for 30 Degree Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine TCK500

Item Model TCK500
Working Range Max swing over bed dia. φ500
Max swing over crosslide dia. φ240
Max cutting diameter(mm) φ360
Max cutting length(mm) 500
X,Y axis travel range X axis(mm) 200
Z axis(mm) 550
Feeding X aixs  fast feeding speed(m/min) 30
X axis torque(N·m) ≥10
Z axis fast feeding speed(m/min) 30
Z axis torque (N·m) ≥15
Lathe body Gradient 30°
Guideway width(mm) 400
Sleeve spindle unit Max turning speed(rpm) 4500 3000
Spindle bore(mm) φ65(Standard) φ79(Optinal)
Spindle nose A2-6 A2-6
Spindle taper 1:20 1:20
Main motor power(kW) 15/11 15/11
Hydraulic Chuck 8” 10”
Hydraulic Tailstock Sleeve diameter(mm) φ72
Tailstock sleeve travel(mm) 100
Sleeve taper MT4
Cross Weight 3600kg
Dimensions(mm) 2300*1700*1930
Standard configuration:

Product features

30 Degree Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine TCK500


Tck500 series multifunctional CNC lathe is a high-speed and precision CNC processing equipment produced by our company with the introduction of Japanese technology. The main supporting parts are the products of well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, and the key parts are completed by the imported precision pentahedron processing center to ensure the manufacturing accuracy.
1、 Machine tool structure
1. Tck500 series multi-functional CNC lathe adopts box structure and strong and tough cast iron (ht-300), cast by integrated molding casting technology, and completed by one-time clamping and processing with high-precision machining center. Therefore, it has the characteristics of strong overall rigidity, good accuracy retention of machine tool and high reliability.
2. The bed adopts a high rigidity 30 inclined back integral bed, which is convenient for chip removal and equipped with a separation tank to completely eliminate leakage and easy to maintain.
Tck500 series multifunctional CNC lathe adopts 8-Position hydraulic tool holder, and the tool holder can be interchanged at all positions of the cutter head. The tool change speed is fast (the adjacent tool change time is 0.25 seconds). The accuracy of repeated positioning of tool holder rotation is 0.003mm.
3、 Spindle
1. Tck500 series multifunctional CNC lathe adopts high rigid spindle unit structure.
2. The sealed grease lubrication inside the spindle can ensure the high-speed and stable operation of the spindle.
3. The spindle motor adopts AC servo motor with stepless speed change, power of 11kw, large torque output and wide range. Low speed means high torque output, which is suitable for heavy cutting.
4. The spindle box has no gear structure, which greatly reduces the noise and vibration.
5. It adopts medium solid (optional hollow) hydraulic chuck and high-speed oil cylinder, and is equipped with foot switch. The workpiece clamping is convenient, safe and reliable.

4、X,Z axis unite

1. The feed transmission of x-axis and z-axis adopts Nanjing Technology (grade 3) ball screw, and pre compression and pre tension are applied.
2. The feed of X and Z axes adopts Taiwan (P-grade hg30) ball track or Nanjing Technology (grade 2) roller track, which has strong bearing capacity and fast moving speed.
3. it is equipped with a screw rail lubrication system, which is forced to lubricate throughout the whole process to minimize friction, and is protected by a stainless steel telescopic cover.
4. Servo motors are used for X and Z axes, and the torque of X axis motor is 10N m. Torque of z-axis motor 10N m。
5、 Tailstock
1. The machine tool adopts standard hydraulic tailstock. The tailstock body moves through the pin shaft and is driven by the carriage.
2. The tailstock guide rail is subject to high-frequency quenching to ensure the best combination of feed accuracy and rigidity of the machine tool, which is suitable for heavy cutting.
6、 Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system of the machine tool adopts imported components to control the variable displacement pump system to ensure the most energy saving of the machine tool.
7、 Lubrication system
The centralized lubrication system is adopted, and the ball screw and ball rail are fully automatically forced lubricated to ensure the rapid movement ability and high positioning accuracy of the machine tool.

Factory inspection standard

Slant bed cnc lathe machine accuracy:

The accuracy of the lathe machine shall comply with the standard:

GB/T16462-2007 “Accuracy Testing of CNC Horizontal Lathes”.

Inspection item Factory standard
machining precision IT6
Roundness of machined workpiece 0.0025mm/φ75
Machining workpiece cylindricity 0.010mm / 150mm
Machining workpiece flatness 0.010mm/φ200mm
Machining workpiece surface roughness Ra1.25μm
positioning accuracy X axis 0.008mm
Z axis 0.008mm
resetting X axis 0.004mm
Precision Z axis 0.004mm

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