Small CNC Lathe Machine CK0640

CK0640/0660 MIni CNC Lathe Machine

Max spindle hole:48/60mm

pneumatic collet/hydraulic chuck/manual chuck

gang type tool holder /4 station electric turret

Small CNC Lathe Machine CK0640


standard configuration for Small CNC Lathe Machine CK0640
  1. GSK928 CNC controller
  2. Gang type tool holder
  3. pneumatic collet
  4. without tailstock
  5. auto lubrication system
  6. led lamp
optional configuration
  1. Fanuc oi TF,Siemens 808D,Siemens 828D,Syntec,KND  cnc controller
  2. Hydraulic collet,hydraulic chuck,hydraulic collet chuck
  3. 4 station turret
  4. tail stock
  5. linear guideway
  6. Auto feeder system
  7. Color or logo customlized available
Detail specification

Spindle bore(mm)Φ48Φ60
Max. swing over bed(mm)Φ300Φ300
Max. swing over carriage(mm)φ130φ130
Max length of work piece(mm)240280240280
X- axis max motion traveling schedule(mm)200200
X-axis fast moving speed mm/min60006000
Z- axis fast moving speed mm/min80008000
X-axis feed rates mm/min1~20001~2000
Z- axis feed rates mm/min1~18001~1800
Range of spindle speed rpm50~250050~2500
Thread machining scope (metric system)0.25~12mm0.25~12mm
Thread machining scope (British system)28~3 1/228~3 1/2
Stations of tool carriergang-type tool carriergang-type tool carrier
Tail Stockwithoutwiithwithoutwiith
Power of the main drive motor3KW3/4KW
Overall dimensions(L×W×H)1550×920×14501950X920X14501550×920×14501950X920X1450
Net weight850 kg1000kg900 kg1050kg