Small CNC Lathe Machine CK6130

CK6130 cnc lathe machine uses the design of mechanical and electrical integration, generous appearance beautiful, reasonable structure, easy operation. The machine adopts the integral bed foot, the stability is better. Wear-resistant cast iron after ultra-audio quenching treatment, to ensure the accuracy of the equipment and stability. The fully enclosed cover ensures that a drop of water does not leak out of the machine.


Flat Bed Small CNC Lathe Machine CK6130
Max. swing dia. over bed320mm
Max. swing dia. over cross slide100mm
Max. processing length400mm(collet)
Dia. of spindle hole48mm
Through hole dia. of drawing pipe41mm
Spindle speed50-3000rpm
Tool holdergang type tool holder
Tool bar section20×20 16X16mm
Main motor power4kw
X/Z axis travel stoke(mm)300/380
X/Z axis fast feeding speed8/10 m/min
X/Z axis  position accuracy(mm)0.01/0.015
X/Z-axis repeatability(mm)0.012/0.013
ClampingHydraulic collet
Tailstock sleeve dia.60mm
Tailstock sleeve travel100mm
Tailstock taperMT4