Small Manual Lathe Machine|Center Lathe



Small manual center lathe machine series is popular in our poducts line.C6136,C6140,C6150 have beed exported to south American, Inida,Russia,and Eruope.

Manual center lathe machine is our earliest product,we have more than 20 years experiences for production.We can supply full series center lathe machine

manual center lathe machine

Main feature of our small manual center lathe machine

1. High machine precision, the system set the minimum unit 0.001mm, X-axis repeat positioning accuracy of 0.010mm, Z-axis repeat positioning accuracy of 0.012mm.
2. High hardness, good rigidity, high audio quenching, machine guide rails and saddle rails are using special materials, hard rail, high frequency quenching, super hard wear and tear, durable, good processing accuracy to maintain good.
3. High stability, high-strength cast iron machine, adding copper and chromium special materials, bed rail quenching depth of 4mm hardness of 52 °or more, effectively improve the machine wear resistance and stability.
4. Centralized automatic lubrication guide, screw, etc., with a flexible movement to reduce the heat distortion, precision and
stability characteristics.
5. Low machine noise, the machine gear with precision grinding, effectively improve the gear hardness, reducing machine noise.


Model NO.C6 1/2 36CC6 1/2 40CC6 1/2 50C
Processing capacityMax .Swing over bed360400500
Max .Swing over carriage190230330
Max .Swing in gap520560660
Center distance750、1000、1500
Width of bed360mm
SpindleSpindle boreΦ52/80mm
Spindle noseC6
Spindle taperMT6
Spindle speeds range(Steps)40-1400(9steps)
FeedMetric threads(Number )0.25-14mm(19kinds)
Inch threads(Number )2-40/inch
Modular threads(Number )0.25-3.5mπ(11kinds)
CarriageCross slide stroke180mm222mm
Tool rest stroke95mm
section dimension20 x 20mm²
TailstockTaper of tail stock sleeveMT4
Diameter of tail stock sleeve65mm
Stroke of tailstock sleeve140mm
Main motor4kw5.5kw
Package size :(L x W x H)
Center distance 750mm2220 x 1150 x 1590mm
1000mm2470 x 1150 x 1590mm
1500mm2970 x 1150 x 1590mm
Center distance 750mm1350/20001400/20501500/2150

Note:C61 Series manual center lathe machine is without gap type,C62 series is with Gap type.