spring collet for cnc lathe machine and swiss lathe machine



spring collet is called elastic chuck or collet. It is a kind of fixing device used to fix and reinforce the parts that need to be modified, and it is also a kind of cylindrical fixture used to be installed on the milling machine and used to lock the drill bit or milling cutter.

Elastic chuck, also known as spring chuck, is widely used in mechanical industry. Spring chuck is a kind of machine tool accessory that makes use of the elastic deformation of clamping jaw to center and clamp the workpiece or tool. The spring chuck is usually installed in the hole of the spindle of the machine tool, so as to quickly clamp the product.
The product models are: 15, 20, 25, 32, 42, 45, 15 drill tail clamps, P10 drill tail clamps, CG1107 drill tail clamps, Nomura P8 alloy, Nomura P10 alloy, Nomura P16 alloy, Qiaqun 16 alloy, NP17 alloy, A-20 alloy and CG1107. Chuck varieties are round hole, square, hexagonal, special-shaped, carbon steel, cemented carbide. Class (0.005mm~0.008mm) series. Specifications: round hole, square, hexagonal, inlaid alloy, etc.