Swiss lathe machine for metal processSM325


Item Unit Sc325
Processing capacity Max maching diameter mm ¢32
Stroke mm 280
Main Spindle RPM rpm 10000/8000
Sub Spindle RPM rpm 8000
Cross Driven Tools RPM rpm 5000
Additional Positive Brake degree 1/1000(0.001)
Max. Turning Diameter mm ¢32
Traverse Rate Stroke X1 axis mm 60
Y axis mm 380
Z1 axis mm 220
X2 axis mm 380
Z2 axis mm 220
Rapid Traverse Rate X1 axis m/min 24
Y/Z1/X2/Z2 axis m/min 32
Arrangement of tools O.D Tools ea 6
Front Work Tools ea 5
Cross Driven Tools ea 4
Back working tools ea 4(fixture type)
O.D Tools specification mm □16×16
Front Work Tools diameter mm 3pcs¢25+2pcs¢20
Power Tool Chuck Specifications mm ER16
Motors Spindle motor kw 5.5/7.5
Sub Spindle motor kw 1.5/2.2
Servo axis motor kw 1.0
Cross Driven Tools motor kw 0.55/1.1
Lubrication pump motor w 5
Coolant motor kw 0.9
Others Coolant tank capacity L 200
Lubrication tank capacity L 1.8
Height from floor tospindle center mm 1000
Floor space (L) mm 2581
(W) mm 1563
(H) mm 1791
Mass of machine kg 3800
CNC control unit FANUC 0i- TD
α series
Syntec 200TB