Small slant bed cnc turning machine TCK36A

Small slant bed cnc turning machine TCK36A


Specification for Small slant bed cnc lathe machine TCK36A

Model unit TCK36A
Max. swing over bed mm 360
Max. swing over cross slide mm 140
Max. processing length mm 300
X axis max. travel mm 170
Z axis max. travel mm 350
Spindle nose mm A2-5
Spindle bore mm 48
Bar capacity mm 40
Max. spindle speed rpm 4000
Spindle unit mm 140
Spindle motor kw 5.5
X/Z axis repeatability mm +/- 0.003
X/Z axis feed motor torque N.m X:6 Z:6
HydraulicTail stock quill dia. mm 65
Hydraulic Quill traverse mm 70
Hydraulic Quill taper MT4
Tool turret 63-8T
Guide form mm 45 degree slat bed
Machine dimension mm 2200*1600*1850
Weight kg 2400

Product features

TCK36 Small Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine

TCK36 CNC lathe is a product with domestic advanced level manufactured by introducing foreign technology, which meets the demand of domestic market for medium and high-grade CNC lathe. Its strength, dynamic and static stiffness, mechanical structure, protection and cooling of main components are designed according to the turning center. It is a full-function CNC machine tool with high rigidity, high precision, excellent precision retention, high production efficiency, pleasant operation, beautiful appearance and ideal anti-triple leakage effect. The machine tool adopts the bed base structure of high-strength cast iron, inclined guide rails and high-precision through-hole spindle structure, and has good seismic performance. Equipped with multi-station turret tool rest of machine tool, and the tool can be changed nearby. The machine tool is equipped with a wide number of GSK980TC3 numerical control system to realize the two-axis control of the machine tool. It can turn various internal and external cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, arc surfaces, various threads, drill, expand, ream, roll and bore, etc.

Technical characteristics of  important components

  1. The integral structure of the bed and base, high-strength cast iron casting, wide bed feet and inclined bed layout have high stability and rigidity;
  2. Adopt imported roller linear guide rail to ensure the long-term stability of the machine tool.The saddle and slide plate are made of high-strength cast iron, and the guide rail pair adopts imported linear guide rail, which has low dynamic and static friction and can move quickly up to 20m/min in X direction and 24m/min in Z direction. The saddle and slide plate have a large span, which is suitable for heavy load and strong cutting.
  3. The spindle adopts or adopts high-speed spindle unit assembly, which can realize high-speed and high-precision machining. The spindle has C-axis indexing function, which can switch between position mode and speed mode. Precision angular contact thrust ball bearing and double-row cylindrical roller bearing are arranged in combination, and 7.5KW powerful spindle servo motor drives the spindle with a transmission ratio of 1:3, which has excellent rigidity and high torque at low speed.
  4. The X-axis and Z-axis ball screws adopt pre-tensioned internal circulation nut structure, and the support bearing of the screw adopts the special ball bearing for the screw with contact angle of 60, which can bear high axial load and ensure the rigidity and accuracy of the feed transmission device.
  5. The tool rest adopts the cutter seat, which can be used for multi-process turning.
  6. The electrical unit cabinet of the machine tool has good sealing performance, and it is equipped with electrical cabinet air conditioner to ensure the normal operation of the numerical control system in the high-temperature and high-humidity environment of the machine tool.
  7. The machine tool pays attention to the design of edge technology, and the protection is reliable. During strong cutting and strong high-pressure jet of cooling liquid, there is no scrap iron or splashing of cooling liquid leaking out of the machine tool.
  8. The clamping and loosening of hydraulic chuck can be controlled by foot, which is convenient and quick.
  9. The hydraulic pressure adjustment adopts the panel-type knob operation, and the dial shows that the adjustment is safe and convenient.
  10. The appearance design of the machine tool is novel, and the panel operation is convenient. Combining its characteristics of high power, high precision and high performance, this series of machine tools is undoubtedly the most powerful product of its kind.

Factory inspection standard

  • GB/T16462_1996 CNC horizontal lathe precision inspection;
  • Technical requirements of JB/T4368.3_96 CNC horizontal lathe;
  • GB9061_88 General Technical Conditions for Metal Cutting Machine Tools;
  • 1_88 General Technical Conditions for Machining of Metal Cutting Machine Tools

TCK36 Small Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine

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