Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machine CK6163|Big spindle hole lathe machine

Max cutting length:1000/1500/2000/3000

Max swing over bed:630mm

Spindle hole Dia.:105mm

CNC controller:GSK,Fanuc,siemens,KND,Syntec

Tool post:4 /6/8 electric turret/12tools Living turret


Standard configuration
  1. GSK980
  2. 10”Manual 3 jaw chuck
  3. 4 station tools carrier
  4. Auto lubrication system
  5. Lighting system
  6. Cooling system
Optional configutation
  1. Fanuc,siemens,Syntec,KND CNC controller
  2. Hydraulic chuck/4 jaw chuck
  3. 6/8 staiton electric turret/12 station living turret(with milling function)
  4. hydraulic tailstock
  5. chip converyor
  6. spindle diameter:105/135mm
  7. auto feeder system
Detail specification
Model CK6163B
Max. swing over bed (mm) φ630
Max. swing dia. over cross slide(mm) φ380
Max.processing length(mm) 1000/1500/2000/3000
Form Four gears ,change frequency in step
Number of spindle speed Four
Range of spindle speed(r/min) 30-84/53-150/125-350/300-835
The spindle terminal structure C11
Diameter of spindle bore (mm) Φ105
The taper of spindle front-end (Metric)120 1:20
Power of main motor (KW) 11KW
Max.travel of tool post (mm) 320/(1000/1500/2000/3000)
Fast moving feed speed (mm/min) X:4000 Z:5000
Resetting accuracy(mm) X:0.012 Z:0.016
Processing accuracy(mm) IT6-IT7
Surface roughness Ra1.6
Sleeve diameter of tailstock (mm) φ100
Sleeve travel of tailstock (mm) 250
Cone hole taper of tailstock’s sleeve MT6
Standard configuration Four-station vertical electrical knife rest
Alternative configuration Horizontal Six-station electrical knife rest
Restting accuracy (mm) 0.01
Length of section of knife handle (mm) 30×30
Length*width*height ( 3400/3900/4400/5400 ) /1900/2000
Net weight (Kg) 3200/3600/4000/4500